Our Three Most Popular Clinics

These clinics are designed based on the three phases of a pickleball point: First Five Shots, Advanced Dinking Techniques, and Attack/Counterattack.  Each clinic is three hours long.  We recommend you take all three, because they build on each other to form a complete understanding of a point. 

The First Five Shots

Professional pickleball points can go on for 60-70 shots. the first five shots are critical to the nature and length of the point. If the shots are unattackable and everyone gets to or makes significant progress toward the kitchen, the point has likely been equalized. Have the antidote for bangers. Get to the kitchen and be comfortable once you’re there. Learn what you want to do and why, how to execute and practice it.

Advanced Dinking Techniques

Have your dinking skills plateaued? Do you want to take your kitchen game to the next level? “Advanced Dinking Techniques” tilts the soft game to your advantage. We show you how to be more consistent and effective and create stress, opportunities and even win points outright through your dinking.

Attack, Counterattack

The game is changing. Attacks are much more common than before. A weak attack puts you at a disadvantage; a strong one, the opposite. Learn how to attack and defend. We’ll teach you how to spot or create attacking opportunities. Learn how to execute and defend the flick, lob, roll, Erne and ATP. We’ll also cover the essentials of resetting points and positioning.

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