The First Five Shots

Want To Get Better Fast?
Does The Ball Never Seem To Touch The Kitchen In Your Game?
Does Your Team Have Trouble Scoring?
Do you feel vulnerable to bangers or uncomfortable in the transition zone?
Trouble relaxing?

Professional pickleball points can go on for 60-70 shots. The first five shots are critical to the nature and length of the point. The receiving team has an initial advantage and should maintain it as long as possible. The serving team needs to earn their way to the kitchen to neutralize the point. Typically this process is the entry way to the soft game and the fight for control of the kitchen.
  • Use brain science to accelerate your learning, relax, and be ready for the first point
  • Simplify your tactics and execution
  • Learn what to do and why, how to do it and how to keep getting better
  • Be comfortable getting to the kitchen and staying there
  • Learn how to maintain a positional advantage as long as possible
  • Have the antidote for bangers.

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