Our Philosophy

At NeuroPickleball we apply brain science to improve your pickleball performance.  Neuroscience teaches us how human brains learn best, and gives us innovative options for problem-solving.  This sounds like it might get complicated, but it’s often so much easier than you’d think.  Neuroscience helps us work smarter, not harder, and our use of these principles sets us apart from other coaches and programs.

We relentlessly pursue results for our clients:

  • We tailor our instruction and coaching to your individual needs, because we know that everybody’s different.  What’s holding you back may be pickleball skills, strategy, or it might be athletic attributes like vision, mobility, agility, balance, consistency, confidence, or focus.  
  • Critics tell you what you’re doing wrong, coaches tell you how to fix your problems. We solve pickleball problems and find solutions that work for you.  
  • Our clients improve during our clinics. We also show you how to continue improving after the clinic, on the court, and even at home or in the office.
  • Clients who take all three of our most popular clinics, and then continue to use the drils and practice we teach you, will raise their level of play to a 3.5 or higher.

Hi, We're Joe Frasca and Peter Hoversten

We like to say that Joe has a deep knowledge of pickleball and a passion for brain science, while Peter has a deep knowledge of brain science and a passion for pickleball.

Joe is a successful senior pickleball professional whose results have continued to improve with age by using our own training methods. He is a:

  • Selkirk Elite Pro Team Player
  • Super Senior Gold Medalist
  • 6-time Senior Professional Medalist
  • 2-time Nationals 5.0 Medalist
  • 13-time Regional 5.0 Gold Medalist

Peter started playing pickleball more recently, and is also improving rapidly by applying NeuroPickleball’s training methods. He has many ZHealth certifications, and has been working with clients applying neuroscience to athletics since 2010. He co-founded NeuroAthlete with Dr. Grove Higgins, and has worked with wounded soldiers at LifeQuest Transitions.

Joe and Peter are both experienced educators who bring a diversity of perspectives to our clients. We’ve also  trained a team of instructors who occasionally join us and add their expertise to our clinics.

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We partner with:


Acacia Sports

NeuroAthlete Chiropractic Clinic

We also value our relationship with ZHealth


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