Tom K.

You both would have been proud of Barb this morning; she was a beast- won all 5 games she played, but the highlight was her and I against 2 guys that play 4.0 in tournaments and we beat them 13-11.

Barb K.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You taught me how to use my mind to calm down and play smarter.

Kay T.

Lessons with Joe and Peter are delightful. Straight forward directions and sound philosophy. Great drills that go from basics to gameplay — can’t beat it! But you can win with it.

Julie W

I recommend the Attack, Counterattack clinic... The skills I learned will help me take my game to a higher level... There is content in this series for all levels of players.

Jesse M.

Joe and Peter are scholars of the sport. "Neuropickleball" basically means teaching the brain how to become a finely-honed pickleball machine.

Michelle M.

My field of vision has greatly expanded thanks to your coaching. I can now see the court as a chessboard and anticipate/plan shots accordingly.

Mary and Rich

Our entire game has changed... We have learned so much from you both privately and in your First Five Shot clinic... You are the best find ever in Colorado Springs!

Jim W.

I am a bit of a clinic and instruction junkie and this was the best four hours of instruction I have ever received!

Bill S.

Played 4 hours today and dinked much more aggressively due to the training the other day. (More confident)! Also have been using several techniques you guys showed me for flexibility, ball focus and getting the old mind ready.

Barbara R.

Thank you for your commitment to the education of safety and the latest research on the body and mind connection when it comes to PB. Your correction on my posture has carried over into daily activities.

Oscar J.

I came with a negative attitude because I have watched a lot of YouTube videos on drills and they are all the same. This clinic opened my eyes and taught me how you can prepare your brain to get you ready to play and help you learn faster.

Mary H.

I have seen a huge improvement in my game since working with Joe. He has great knowledge and teaching skills.