Attack, Counterattack

Do your dinking battles only end in the net or with popup/smash?
Don’t know when to attack?
Not certain which attacking option to pick or how to execute it well?
Are you unable to take advantage of a weak attack or successfully fend off a good one?

The game is changing. Attacks are much more common than before. In quality pickleball, most dinking is interspersed with attacks, counterattacks and resets. A weak attack or a dinking mistake puts you at a disadvantage. A strong attack gives you the advantage.
  • Use brain science to dramatically shorten your learning curve and become a more intuitive player.
  • Learn how to win a point from the kitchen
  • See opportunities when they are presented to you.  Otherwise, create them.
  • Anticipate attacks that are coming at you.
  • Improve your anticipation, prediction and reaction
  • Learn to execute attacking shots as well as how to defend them.
  • This phase of a point becomes a chess match.  Learn how you and your partner should move to create and close off attacks.

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