NeuroPickleball is Coming to Wickenburg Ranch!

NeuroPickleball brings the best in neuroscience-based performance training and pickleball teaching to pickleball players at all skill levels.  We will be at Wickenburg Ranch from March 26th to the 31st, offering:

 Reserve your spots now.  Attendance is limited.

Our Most Popular Clinics

We are offering our three most popular clinics, based on the three phases of a point.  If you haven’t taken all three, we encourage you to, as they build upon each other and cover all aspects of a pickleball point. .  The clinics will be held at the Wickenburg Ranch pickleball courts.  Each clinic has three hours of instruction.  Each clinic costs $120, which includes a digital summary of the topics covered. 

Alumni Clinics

Have you taken our clinics before?  A number of our clients take the core clinics several times as their play advances because they take away different information and skills.  If you have taken the clinics before, we are also offering a three hour refresher that reviews all three phases with an emphasis on continued improvement.  Additionally, we offer an advanced clinic with new skills and strategy for players tournament-ranked at 3.5 or above. 

Tournament Player Seminars

Surprisingly, there is very little information available on preparing to play in a tournament.  We have two seminars, one for first time tournament players and another for experienced players.  They will help you get the most out of your tournament experience and improve your results.

Learn More About NeuroPickleball

To learn more about us and what makes us different, please check out our website here or read more about us here.