Intensive Programs

Our Intensive Programs are individualized education aimed at elite players and Pickleball instructors.  It’s the opportunity to do a deep dive into NeuralTraining for Pickleball.  The programs are held in Colorado Springs and come in two flavors, a 5-day, 40-hour program and a 3-day, 24-hour program.  There is a predefined curriculum, but it is highly customizable to the needs of the individual.

Program Objectives

  • An understanding of NeuralTraining concepts and how they affect player performance
  • Personal improvement during the week and the knowledge to continue to improve
  • The ability to apply a neural lens to your training or teaching going forward
  • An introduction to ongoing resources available to you and your students
  • An optimized blend of what to do, why it makes sense, practical application and skills
  • An introduction to NeuroPickleball clinics for
    • Teaching and drilling ideas
    • Application of training principals

Curriculum Components

  • NeuralTraining concepts
  • Mobility, Vision, Balance, Brain-state, Breathing, and Activation for Pickleball
  • Personalized individual pickleball instruction
  • Clinic Overviews
  • Applied recreational play – equal or better skilled players
  • Simplifying the game
  • Address individual physical/neurological challenges
  • Recovery techniques


  • 5-day NeuroPickleball Intensive Program – $2,000
  • 3-day NeuroPickleball Intensive Program – $1,500
  • Does not include lodging or travel expenses
  • 25% off if 2 people with equivalent skills and interest sign up together


This is an educational service and is intended for your personal use.   Because we are providing in-depth exposure to NeuroPickleball and NeuralTraining intellectual property in this program, you agree to use what you learn for your own benefit and for the students you teach on the pickleball court.  You also agree to use your own judgement and common sense about what’s appropriate and safe.