On December 9, Joe sat down with Pickleball Fire host, Lynn Cherry to discuss NeuroPickleball. It’s a unique interview because Lynn and Joe both have backgrounds in Psychology and Physical Education so the Q&A on brain-science is a little more in depth than you might expect.  The topics are wide-ranging. 

From the Pickleball Fire site

Today I’m talking with senior pro Joe Frasca who is changing the life of many of his students by applying science to off-court training.  This is one of the most interesting interviews I’ve done as Joe shares numerous tips for not only how players can improve their game but also their life.  And the interview is not all about off-court training.  Joe also talks about how Pickleball strategy has changed over the years and the different ways to grip your paddle.  This is a must listen to episode packed with tips to help your game!

Show Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Joe got on the podium his first time at Nationals
  • Why he started off playing singles but now prefers to play doubles
  • How Pickleball strategy has evolved over the years
  • How Joe’s off court training strategy differs from most other Pickleball players
  • What techniques the 1980 Olympic gold medal men’s hockey team did and how they are now being used to improve reaction time in Pickleball
  • How Joe works with people who have Parkinson’s to improve their balance through playing Pickleball
  • How his clinics on Neuro Pickleball are changing people’s lives
  • The one thing Joe wishes everyone in Pickleball would do to help with injuries
  • Joe describes what a cue is and how it can improve your Pickleball performance
  • Two styles of how to hold your Pickleball paddle and which one Joe has changed to for the better

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